Acharavi is the Main town for the North of Corfu.

Acharavi is a beautiful resort situated on the North coast of the island, 35km away from Corfu town (Kerkyra) and around 40km from the airport. Acharavi Corfu holidays are particularly suited to couples and families who are looking for a combination of fun and rest. The resort of Acharavi Corfu comprises of two parts, the Old & New Village, and Acharavi beach. Acharavi is not just a resort, as it is the main town for the North of the island. And many of the local people visit on a regular basis to arrange their affairs. There is a post office, bank, a dentist and doctors and all the facilities found in a modern town. Acharavi Corfu holidays are ideal for cycling since the resort is flat, so we would advise you to rent a bicycle in order to discover the beauties of the area.  Almiros

Archaravi Church

Archaravi Beach

Folkloric Museum Acharavi

















It's time to get away






Apagio Greek Restaurant

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Veggera Cafe/Bar & Greek Taverna

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O Tasos Grill House


Skondros Greek Taverna  Facebook  Tripadvisor

The Pumphouse Greek Restaurant   Facebook  Tripadvisor

Afros Fish Restaurant/Taverna

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Filaraki Greek Taverna & Grill 

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Navigator Beach/Pool Bar & Restaurant  Facebook  Tripadvisor

Da Gino Pizzeria Italian Restaurant

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Acharavi Park Greek Restaurant

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Beach-Side cafe/Bar & Restaurant


Alex's Greek Taverna

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Filorian Greek Taverna / Restaurant


Kormoranos Greek Taverna


Alegria Tapas Restaurant

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Corfu Grill GR

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Grill & Pita House

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Ta Rebetika Greek Restaurant

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Taverna's - Restaurants - Grill & Snacks

Taverna's - Restaurants - Grill & Snacks  

Medusa Seaside Restaurant & Bar

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Theritas Greek Taverna / Restaurant

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Angelo Crepes & Snacks 

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Ixnilatis Greek Taverna

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Odysseus Greek Restaurant

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Orpheus Grill Room Cafe/Bar

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Yamas Cafe / Restaurant

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Tales All day Bar & Restaurant





HOVOLI  Cafe/Bar  Snacks   Darts sport Cafe

Later more!





Hovoli Cafe/Bar and snacks/ light meals is on the main street from Acharavi.

The bar is a home to many darts players, many tournaments have been played and there will still be played. But also for a snack and a drink you can visit Hovoli.


Tel: (0030) 26630-63424

Neraida Cafe/Bar Restaurant  Acharavi

Neraida Family Restaurant is situated by the sea of Acharavi with excellent quality and atmosphere, it is located right on the beachfront.  Neraida is a combination of Taverna/Restaurant, Cafe, Beachbar and there is a good variety of dishes, hot and cold snacks. For breakfast, lunch and diner.


The sea is so close that you feel the light breeze at nights, while guest enjoy their meal. The restaurant is popular with tourists and locals from all over Corfu.


Road 9, Acharavi Beach, Acharavi

Tel: (0030) 26630 64522














Piazza Grill & Cocktail Bar

Piazza Grill & Cocktail Bar

Open every day : 9:00 / 0:00

Piazza Grill & Cocktail Bar Tel: 26630 63550


Great atmosphere and a friendly welcome guaranteed,

Piazza Grill & Cocktailbar have a complete new menu. As far as drinks are concerned.. You name it they serve it, they also have a great cocktail menu.

Piazza Grill & Cocktail bar and owned by Nikolas and is situated near the pump roundabout in Acharavi, on the north coast of Corfu. It is open all year round, in the main season is opens at nine in the morning and the bar closes in the early hours of the next morning.

You'll meet a great mix of people at the bar each night and with brilliant company you will definatly have a great time..don't miss a trip to Piazza.. one visit and you'll be hooked





Pia Pita Grill Room  Acharavi




Pita Pita Grill Room

Main Street,  Acharavi

Tel: 697 780 9246


The Pita-Pita Grill Room is an authentic barbecue - all the meat on the coals

The Pita-Pita Grill Room is an authentic barbecue and a favorite haunt of locals who know how to enjoy good charcoal and wonderful carnation varieties in Acharavi of beautiful Corfu.

In summer, visitors to the island discover the pie-pita (pita-pita from the smells of baking on the street where they go. But also from the grooming of the boss of the shop of the dear to all Kostas, where all the passers-by are enjoying mezedes. Appetizers, salads and fresh meat that are cooked and served deliciously on your plate are the basis of the menu. 

The space is trendy and relaxed and you can take a look at Acharavi's main street. This is why it stands out from the region's souvlaki pita.It is a good food destination that quickly became what is called Pita - Pita Souvlaki.

Those who love souvlaki here will love it and those who are not his fancy will become!









Mythos Cafe / Bar

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IIo-Ilo Coffee Cafe

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Vertigo Playground Cafe


Dolce Freddo Ice Salon

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White Beach Bar

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Barden Cocktail Bar & Snacks

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Tet a Tet Cafe / Cocktail Bar

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Adonis Sports Cafe/Bar

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Istros Cafe

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See You Cafe/Bar

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Antika Antika Bar 

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Bakery - Patisserie Amarena 


Bakery - Coffee Cafe Konditorei 


George Trivias Lime Pool Bar & Grill


Cafe's & Bars - Bakery & Icecream  






Fabulous selection of flavours of home made ice cream and ice cream sundaes. And just sitting outside people watching is so relaxing especially with a large bowl of ice cream.


SCOOP Divene Ice Cream Cafe

Main Road Acharavi

Tel: 26630 64863


Later more!










Handmade House  (Almiros)






Salvanos Beach Apartments

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Castelli Cottage  (website)  Facebook  Tripadvisor

Special Information

Please note: A new Accommodation Tax has recently been approved in Greece (mainland and Islands). This tax will be effective from 01/01/2018 and is for any stays booked before and after, and for stays that include this date. The taxation will be per room, per day and is payable directly to the accommodation at check in.

This taxation is not included in any prices shown. Cost in Euros is as follows (subject to changes): Properties registered and licensed as Hotels: 

1-2 Stars 0,50€. 3 Stars 1,50€, 4 Stars 3,00€, 5 Stars 4,00€. In registered Apartments, furnished rooms etc.

The daily taxation will be per room (and not per person) on a daily basis as follows: 1-2 Keys 0,25€. 3 Keys 0,50€. 4 Keys 1,00€

Villa Violetta

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Elizabeth Apartments


Komoranos Apartments


Holiday Studios - Apartments - Villa's  Acharavi

Dimitra Supermarket


Diellas Supermarket


Souvenir shops & Supermarkets

Tauros Supermarket


Salvanos Supermarket


Mini Supermarket


Kazanis Cash & Carry Supermarket


Shopping Center Souvenirs


Hermes Shopping Centre


Post Office


Courier Service


Shoe Repair & Keys












The Kiosk


Armel Souvenir Shop


Frock Streat wear


Skandalo Souvenirs


Light Shop Light Max


Pet Shop Acharavi


Wind Phone Shop


Toys Shop


Vodafone Phone Shop


Bio Market


Lollas Tabacco Shop


Aroma Parfums


Chinese Store


Bananis Construction Materials


Hardware Store - Building Materials


Cheap Shop Souvenirs








Cosmetic Products Vaso Moraiti




Gold & Jewellery Shop


Mary's Shop


Hermanos Phone Shop


Data Expert


Pandora Shop


Meandros Gold & Silver


Se7en Beauty Salon


Beauty Souvenir Shop


Mark Packing & Cleaning Products

Souvenir Shop


Yours - Clothes & Shoes


Corfu Home Creation

Energiaki Renewable Sources of Energy

My Electro & Powerpoint

Building Materials M. Priftis & Co Acharavi





Insulation - Fences - General Building Solutions Bricks and Tiles, Insulating Products, Adhesives, Mortars, Silicons.

Ready Mix Plasters, Resins, Builders Tools, Membranes,

Polcarbonated Panels, Cement Products, Piller Blocks.


Tel: (0030) 26630 63127

Fax: (0030) 26630 63127

Mobile: (0030) 6937 542550














Building Materials M. Priftis & Co Acharavi

Building Materials M. Priftis & Co Acharavi

Should we find any high priority actions then we can use our own staff to remedy them or appoint specialist contractors. We always provide a written report of every property visit to help demonstrate the transparency of the service delivery.

This service is delivered by our own skilled property management team and a vetted, team of specialist contractors. Some of the holiday home property maintenance work that we can do for you includes:







Corfu Villa Maintenance provide a complete Corfu based Villa maintenance service including personnel management for discerning property owners who demand 100% commitment and backup from a local professional company.

If you require any form of supervision or maintenance for your properties, or need a cen-tral support team to manage a new or ongoing project on one of your villa properties we will be happy to Quote and demon-strate our abilities. Please call us or look on our website for more information.



Website: XYLTECH

Facebook: Xyltech wpc



Phone: (0030) 2661 – 500500   Mobile: (0030) 6932 280707

Corfu Villa Maintenance

General garden maintenance, cutting grass up to looking after landscaped gardens.

Electric Installation & Solar Panels Electrical testing, repairs, mains wiring certificates, additional works, call outs.

Plumbing Service - Repairs, installations, call outs, landlord certificates Sweeping chimneys, flues, bird nest removal.

Heating - AirCondition Boiler servicing, central heating, air condition, repairs, call outs.

Pest Control - We offer an in-house pest control and pest prevention service to deal with rodents, insects and pest birds.

Project Management - For small projects, we can oversee or co-ordinate specialist contractors.

Painting - Decoration - A comprehensive decorating service using skilled and industry approved decorators.

Building Works – wood – stone –  Building works, carpentry, call outs, repairs, Emergency repair and replacement of glass, doors, windows as well as regular servicing of doors & windows.

Pool Maintenance - Service checks of hot tubs and pools












From the early days of human society people loved art, one of them was sculpting. Sculpting olive wood started on Corfu very long ago and has continued till today from artists as our family. Having this business over 20 years we create more than 500 different articles and even special products that the clients ask for. Everything is handmade! We produce articles as : bowls, forks & spoons, bracelets, necklaces, rings, photo-frames, all kinds of statues and many more! With more than twenty years of experience we producetoday over 500 olive wood artifacts.

















Yiannis Dervisis

House Repair & General Construction Company is a family owned.

Our business located in Acharavi tk:49081 - Corfu - Greece.


Υiannis Dervisis

General Construction Company specializes in property managment  construction,additions, alterations, renovations,repairs,maintenance of buildings and swimming pools.

Yiannis Dervisis reputation fore providing and maintaining high quality standards has created satisfied customers across North East and North West of Corfu.

Our company strives at all time to maintain the utmost standards in our work.

Above all else, we keep the needs of our customers as our greatest priority.

We have a team of people working to make sure we are available fore you 24/7 .

You are welcome to conntact us anytime of day,even if it is not during normal business hours.


Office open 18:00 - 21:30

+30 693 228 0707

Yiannis Dervisis General Construction





Recycling Centre Acharavi

Opening 10 August 2019




Soon more info!

Εκ μέρους των εθελοντών Αχαράβης, Αγίου Παντελεήμονα και Αγίου Στεφάνου- Επίσκεψης, σας ανακοινώνουμε πως η πράσινη γωνία ανοίγει επίσημα το Σάββατο 10/8 από τις 10.00 - 16.00. και θα είναι ανοικτή : ΔΕΥΤΕΡΑ- ΠΑΡΑΣΚΕΥΗ 10.00 - 16.00 & ΔΕΥΤΕΡΑ 19.00-21.00. Για να μπορέσουμε να είμαστε ανοικτά περισσότερες ώρες, θα χρειαστούμε περισσότερους εθελοντές. Eπίσης από αύριο Παρασκευή, η ομάδα των εθελοντών ξεκινάει ενημερωτική καμπάνια, στα πλαίσια της οποίας θα περάσουμε από όλες τις επιχειρήσεις της περιοχής μας για να ενημερώσουμε πώς να συμμετάσχετε σωστά στην διαδικασία με ενημερωτικό φυλλάδια. Είναι στο χέρι όλων μας να κάνουμε την διαφορά! Καλή μας επιτυχία.


On behalf of the volunteer team of Acharavi, Agios Panteleimonas and Agios Stefanos-Episkepsi, we are more than happy to announce that the green spot is opening on Saturday 10/8 from 10.00 - 16.00 and will be open Monday- Friday 10.00-16.00 and Monday 19.00-21.00. In order for us to be able to stay open longer hours, we need more volunteers. Also, from Friday 9th, we are starting a campaign, during which we will visit all businesses in our area to inform you about how to take part in the process the right way. It is in our hands to make a difference. Best of luck !!!




Glass jars
Clear bottles
Coloured glass bottles
Glass ashtrays

Milk/juice Tetra Pak
Paper food/cleaning product packaging
Brown cardboard boxes


Plastic water/soft drink/dairy/cleaning product bottles, etc.

Plastic food containers

Poly bags


Soft drink/beer cans
Aluminium wrapping/tin foil

Metal caps from bottles/jars
Metal food/milk/coffee tins

Aluminium trays

Pet food tins


What do we do with it?
Wash, squash and separate into: GLASS-PLASTIC-PAPER-METAL




Sakar Travel Office


Leandros Travel Office

Facebook  (website)

Travel All  Office


Kostas Rent a Bike


Hertz Car Rental

Facebook  (website)

Bikes 2000


Rent a Car - Boat - Bike - Quad - Things to do - Day trips - Info

The baths that have been excavated in Acharavi in particular are believed to be an integral part of a much larger Roman settlement. The baths at Acharavi were damaged due to the construction of a highway. The segment of the Roman Baths that are still preserved was disco-vered by archaeologists in a piece of privately owned land in 1985.

Ruins of an ancient Roman bathhouse

Green Motion Car Rental

Facebook  (website)

Avance Car Rental


Enterprice Rent a Car

Facebook  (website)

Corfu Traffic Car Rental

Facebook  (website)

Special Information


Please note: A new Accommodation Tax has recently been approved in Greece (mainland and Islands). This tax will be effective from 01/01/2018 and is for any stays booked before and after, and for stays that include this date. The taxation will be per room, per day and is payable directly to the accommodation at check in.

This taxation is not included in any prices shown. Cost in Euros is as follows (subject to changes): Properties registered and licensed as Hotels: 

1-2 Stars 0,50€. 3 Stars 1,50€, 4 Stars 3,00€, 5 Stars 4,00€. In registered Apartments, furnished rooms etc.

The daily taxation will be per room (and not per person) on a daily basis as follows: 1-2 Keys 0,25€. 3 Keys 0,50€. 4 Keys 1,00€.






More Info: Taxi - GreenBuses   Doctors -  Surgery - Pharmacy - Phone Numbers

Corfu Airport: Arrivals & Depatures
Online Inchecken: All airlines of the World

To find Phone numbers - Doctors - First aid look on  Central info!

FAIRDEAL Car Rentals Early Booking Special Offer!  

Facebook  (website)

City cars Corfu


Budget Cars

Facebook  (website)

Avis Car Hire Acharavi

Facebook (website)

Thrifty Car Rental

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Corfu Private Travel

Facebook  (website)

Dive Easy ! Scuba Diving Corfu & Dive Shop 





We dive everyday. Beginners (non-certified) and Experienced (certified) divers. Small groups always guided by a certified Instructor (special procedures with children).

We offer diving courses from CMAS - PADI - SSI

Dive sites chosen depending on weather conditions and divers’ experience.

Pick up 9:15 - 9:30. Departure 10:00 from the dive Center. We get Back 14:00-15:00. Having 2 dives in different sites.

We offer:

Try scuba dive : For those who want to experience and discover the underwater world (no experience required);

Wrecks : Many ship wrecks to choose from. Depths between 8 m to 42 m;

Walls : Many wall dives with different marine life. Depths between 6 m till 30 m;

Reefs: All over the island. Starting from 1 m down to 30 m. Ideal for every level of experience;

Caves: Different caves for different tastes and levels. Depths from 4 m to 30 m;

Enriched Air Nitrox : Courses and dives;

Snorkeling: Trips also available. We provide the basic equipment;

East or West Cost Trips: With the divers or snorkelers.

PADI and all Agencies divers are wellcome !

Telefone +30 2663029350

mobile +30 6945013510

We are a long established (1983) family business and we work and live in North Corfu. We offer you tailor made services and we pride ourselves in being responsive to our clients' needs. We go the extra mile to make sure that your stay in our lovely island lives up to your expectations.
We have a range of private villas and apartments in Ag. Spyridon, Acharavi, Almyros,Kalamaki, Loutses, Perithia and Kassiopi. All of them have been chosen personally by us and they are intended to let you enjoy the peace and quiet of a still quintessentially Greek part of Corfu.
We can arrange transfers from the airport. If you prefer we also offer car hire at competitive rates.
​As part of our guarantee of personal service, we will meet you at the airport and transfer you direct to your accommodation as part of your car hire arrangements. So you do not have to worry about finding your way north and working out where to find your accommodation . As they say 'every little helps'.
Check our car rental page for information on our fleet of cars. We also give you an idea of our prices – but please contact us for information about current prices, special offers and availability.
Our company will provide you with a level of service and a range of choice that you will not find on a package holiday. Please take the time to tell us what you want from your holiday and we will cost the alternatives for you, providing you with a firm quote within a few hours. We look forward to being of service – contact us now and let us do the work for you.




About Corfu Mountain Bikes  -   S-Bikes Acharavi

S-Bikes is located in the resort town of Acharavi, along Corfu's beautiful North coast. Established in 2007, S-Bikes is the idea of Stamatis Banos, who owns and runs daily operations, both for the summer season as well as the winter season. Riding from an early age, Stamatis jumped into serious mountain biking in 1992, join the Corfu Cycling Club (POK) and severalyears later joined and supported the local Acharavi Cycling Club.

Biking through Kassiopi, Acharavi, Roda, Sidari and Agios Stefanos - stopping over for dinner and a nice stay at a beautiful B&B. Getting up the next day, trekking past Paleokastritsa, cruising past Corfu town and heading into Pelekas for the night.


Another beautiful evening filled with food, wine and stories, then off early for the arid but beautiful Southern tip of corfu. Day after day, great food after amazing glass of wine and stunning landscape - sounds like the perfect holiday to me.  All this is planned in the near future.

Biking and specifically mountain biking has always been a passion, so it was and obvious choice for Stamatis to venture into opening up Corfu's premier mountain bike rental business.

"My dream was to provide modern, professional and safe  moun-tain bikes to people that desire to go on holiday and have an ad-venture."

What does the future hold for S-Bikes and mountain Biking here on Corfu?

Stamatis hopes to expand the ren-tal business andoffer more extensive, multi day tours that expose the beauty of Corfu but also the joy of excersising while on holiday.  Imagine starting your tour on Corfu's mountainous North coast.

A video with the DJI Phantom 3 drone showcasing S-Bikes 'coffee ride' on Corfu, Greece. Edited and shot by Henry Daeche:

Cycle Corfu specializes in high-end road bikes, mountain bikes, ebikes and professional bike rentals, including a full service shop. S-Bike’s mythical tour services include expertly guided cycling adventures, luxury cycling holidays and corporate events. Not only are we Corfu’s official Specialized dealer but we also carry the largest selection of high-end bikes on the island. Let Corfu’s unmatched natural beauty, our local cycling knowledge and your our passion for cycling guide you on an adventure of a lifetime.

Later more!!!!

Renting road bikes, mountain bikes or ebikes on your holiday is the perfect way to add a little adventure and exercise to your sunny vacation but it’s also a great way to see the beautiful Island of Corfu. Cycle Corfu and S-Bikes provide professional bike rentals and hire services by offering the most modern mountain bikes, road bikes, ebikes, trekking and city bicycles, plus tons of equipment to keep you safe on your journey.

Winter Season Working Hours:

Monday , Wednesday:  9:00 - 15:00

Tues, Thur, Fri, Sat:  9:00 - 20:00

Sunday  closed


Summer Season Working Hours:

Mon - Sat:  9:00 - 15:00, 18:00 - 21:30

Sunday closed



Acharavi, Corfu

Tel: 0030-26630-64115













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